NAIGC women's meets may use level 9, level 8, and / or level 6 rules.

Level 9
NAIGC Women's Level 9 will use JO (Junior Olympic) skill values (from the 2013-2018 JO Code of Points) and Level 9 requirements. There will be no difficulty restrictions, including no limit to the number of Ds or Es. Judges should use both level 9 and level 10 bonus to the advantage of the gymnast. Ds and Es will be given additive value of 0.1 and 0.2 respectively and recognized in connection value. On bars, level 9 connection bonus will be used as this is to the advantage of the gymnast.

Level 8
NAIGC Women's Level 8 will use JO (Junior Olympic) skill values (from the 2013-2018 JO Code of Points) and Level 8 requirements. Difficulty restrictions are summarized as: All A and B skills allowed. All C level dance allowed on floor and beam. All allowable C's on uneven bars include: Cast handstand half pirouette, clearhip/back stalder/pike sole circle (toe on) to Handstand or half pirouette. One additional C level skill other than those indicated above may be performed. Each unallowable element will deduct -0.5.

Level 6
NAIGC Women's Level 6 will use JO (Junior Olympic) skill values (from the 2013-2018 JO Code of Points) and Level 6 requirements and level 6 difficulty restrictions. Note that this includes the 1 minute and 15 second time restriction for beam. There will be no finals session level 6, however athletes will still be eligible for awards based on a combined ranking of all level 6 athletes.

Safety Note: As per the NAIGC safety and equipment standards: The gymnast is expected to include in her exercise only elements which she can perform with complete safety. Judges and other officials should permit greater safety measures to be taken than those listed here if doing so is necessary for a gymnast's safety.

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Note: Although the FIG Code of Points can be found online (under Code of Points, WAG for Women's Artistic Gymnastics) these are not consistent with the FIG JO Code of Points. The FIG Code of Points on this website outlines Elite rules and skill values (not Junior Olympic rules and values). A JO Code of Points may be purchased through the USAG website.

The full women's rules document can be found here. Please see the Women's 2018 National Championship, Structure, Format, and Rules for information concerning the Nationals compeition.

Lastly, for those gymnasts interested in competing all ten events, see our new Decathlon division! Email directly if you wish to participate in the Decathlon or have any questions.

Looking for more training advice? Check out the NAIGC Skills and Drills Facebook group to get gymnastics tips from your fellow NAIGC gymnasts!

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Last updated 2nd March, 2017.