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Timothy Michaels

Timothy Michaels


Knoxville, TN

Current Location

Nashville, TN

School Affiliation and Education

University of Tennessee, 2012

B.S. Math; Minor in Philosophy

Vanderbilt University, 2017

Ph.D. Math

Helped found the University of Tennessee club (2008)

UT Sports Clubs club of the year (2010)

UT Sports Clubs participant of the year (2010)

Career Information

Currently a Graduate TA. Interested in data science, cryptography, and/or algorithm development in the future.

My World of Gymnastics


2017 will be my 20th year of competitive gymnastics. I also coach JO boys levels 4-10 and hold a FIG Brevet in men's judging, which has allowed me to judge internationally.

Favorite Events

Rings and Pommel Horse

Why I love the NAIGC

The NAIGC embodies gymnastics as it should be: Fun, inclusive, and meeting everyone on their own terms. Competition at all levels and ages has a place. I love the self sufficient mentality of the clubs and the student leadership that it fosters. Many work with limited resources or training facilities and are fiercely proud of being able to get their teams to Nationals and showcasing their gymnastics.

NAIGC work


As the President, I mainly try to keep the wheels greased so that our extremely capable directors and advisors maximize their impact and contribute to the organization strategically and effectively.
I also represent the NAIGC to other gymnastics organizations and try to create relationships which benefit our members. I sit on the executive committee of the Men's Collegiate Gymnastics Association (CGA) and the USA Gymnastics Advisory Council.

Hobbies / Interests

I enjoying traveling and competitions of any sort. I have had success in competitive poker, bridge, and Scrabble tournaments.

Words of Wisdom

Stay engaged! You are the face of the NAIGC in your area. Get informed of what your board is doing for you, and represent us to the other members of the gymnastics community.

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