Announcement List
The announcement list is how the NAIGC board of directors communicates information to its members throughout the year, typically via monthly updates. The only communications sent through this list are from the NAIGC board. We encourgage all NAIGC members to sign up for the announcement list, especially club officers. You will not automatically be signed up for this list for creating an NAIGC account. To subscribe to the announcement list, please enter your email below and click the confirmation link that is sent to you.

Discussion List
The discussion list is a Google Group available for NAIGC members to contact one another. It can be used to announce a competition, send a relevant job posting, make nominations for NAIGC positions, or other general discussions. To subscribe to the discussion list, sign up on the embedded feed below. To send a message to the discussion list, you can either post on the forum below directly, or email Both of these actions will send an email to all those subscribed to the discussion list. Only members signed up for the discussion list will be able to send messages. To change your email notification settings, you can click on the Membership and email settings button below or on the google groups website. For information about acceptable content for posting, please see the Google Groups content policy.