A: General Organization FAQ

What is the NAIGC?

The National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs (NAIGC) is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to support collegiate club gymnastics in the United States. We are dedicated to the promotion and support of collegiate club gymnastics, "for the love of the sport." The NAIGC hosted its first annual national championships in 1989, and incorporated as a non-profit and elected its first Board of Directors in 2006. The NAIGC was recognized as a tax-exempt public charity in 2008.

The elected Board of Directors, alongside their appointed advisors, run the NAIGC. Most of these dedicated volunteers are current and former college club gymnasts. Directors are elected by member clubs at the annual meeting at Nationals, and advisors are then chosen by the directors.

The Board of Directors provides administrative and technological support for the organization, for example by maintaining the NAIGC website with registration and scoring software and a database of its membership, as well as also providing executive support by developing policies to help the organization grow strategically and meet the needs of its members. They also produce branded merchandise for sale in an online store and at meets. Most importantly though, the Board organizes the NAIGC National Championships every year, where each member club is invited to participate in an inclusive collegiate national-level meet. Since Nationals is hosted at a different site every year, there is a fair amount of logistical coordination that goes into making this meet bigger and better every year.

Club membership in the NAIGC is open to any collegiate gymnastics club in the United States. Individual membership is open to anyone with an interest in collegiate club gymnastics.

Who should I contact with questions not answered in this FAQ?

You can email info@naigc.org.

How do I get updates and communicate with the NAIGC?

There are multiple ways to connect and communicate with the NAIGC:

  • To get updates and information from the Board of Directors, you should subscribe to the announcement listserv. Click here and fill out the form. You can use this same page to remove yourself or change your listserv settings after you have an account.
  • To communicate with other NAIGC clubs, you should subscribe to the discussion listserv. Click here and fill out the form. You can use this same page to remove yourself or change your listserv settings after you have an account.
  • The NAIGC has a Facebook fan page and a Facebook group where you can connect with members nationwide.
  • The NAIGC also has an Instagram account - follow us @naigcgymnastics!

B: Individual Membership

Who can join the NAIGC?

NAIGC Club membership is open to any gymnastics club with college-aged or adult participants. Individual membership is open to anyone with an interest in collegiate club gymnastics.

I am not affiliated with a school. Can I still compete?

As long as you have not been suspended by the NAIGC, you can compete at any NAIGC meet as a member of the NAIGC Alumni Club. Clubs should allow NAIGC Alumni Club members to compete at their meets.

I do not know my username and / or my password.

You can reset your password automatically by clicking here. If you are unsure of your username, please do not create a new username. Your previous membership fees and meet scores are tied to your current username. If you have participated in an NAIGC event such as Nationals or the Flip Fest Retreat since 2010, you already have a username - please email us at info@naigc.org to retrieve your information . If you are unable to automatically reset your password at this link, please email us at info@naigc.org and we will assist you.

I need to create a new username.

If you have not participated in an NAIGC event such as Nationals or the Flip Fest Retreat since 2010 or are new to the NAIGC, please create an individual username and password on the NAIGC Membership page here.

I previously registered a team that will no longer compete or I need to make changes to an existing team roster.

On the meet registration page, club representatives can update registration or delete teams. If a team is being deleted, please also email the meet host letting them know the team will not be competing. If you need to delete a team for Nationals, please email us. If you delete the team yourself, there may be difficulty tracking any previous payments.

What skill levels should I expect?

There is an enormous range of skills both within the league and within the clubs themselves. Some clubs are former varsity teams which just got cut, while others are clubs that are just starting and trying to get their feet wet. As for the individuals, some have never done gymnastics before while others have been doing it their entire lives, even training and competing at an elite level. Rules and level requirements for NAIGC sanctioned meets are at the men's rules and women's rules webpages.

I want to continue doing gymnastics, but I was never very good; will I be able to make the team?

Most NAIGC clubs will not have tryouts and everyone will make the team. The NAIGC was founded on the idea of making gymnastics accessible and enjoyable to anyone who loves the sport. We are proud to say that we continue this tradition.

I don't have any experience. Is that ok?

Certainly, and you will not be alone. Hundreds of NAIGC members started gymnastics in college.

Do men's and women's teams compete at the same time?

Generally yes. With exception of a few competitions, the NAIGC is coed.

What is the NAIGC Alumni Club?

The alumni club was created as a club for people that do not meet the membership requirements for other clubs. The majority of members competed in the NAIGC during college, but not all. There are probably about 50 members throughout the country, all practicing on their own. You can compete under the alumni club at any meet. All NAIGC members (including alumni club members) need to create an individual username and password (or just modify your current login so that you appear under NAIGC Alumni) and pay individual membership fees. Alumni club members may also join the NAIGC Alumni group on Facebook - it is the best way to stay up to date. If you would like to attend a meet, but do not think other alumni members are going, just email the host club telling them you would like to register. You will need to pay individual entry fees and arrange your own travel and lodging. If you need to register online, let us know and as an alumni club administrator, we can add you.

C: Club and School NAIGC Membership Information FAQ

How do I update my club's information or change our club / school contact listing on the club list page?

There are two steps necessary when making officer updates in the database. Your current club rep(s) should be able to make both of these changes. 1. Change officer listing on the club listing page online. Any club administrator can make these changes under NAIGC Membership by clicking the "Update Club" button. 2. Designate 1 or more officers as the club administrator(s). At least one member from each club should be designated as the club administrator. With this access, they can register the club for meets, manage the club membership and add meets to the online database. Previous club administrators can designate new club administrators (and delete previous club reps) under NAIGC Membership by clicking the "Manage Membership" button, clicking the check box under "club admin" and the clicking the "set" button.

How do I add or remove someone as an administrator for my school's club? How does a member become designated as a club administrator?

Previous club representatives can manage the club reps for their school/club under NAIGC Membership by clicking the "Manage Membership" button, clicking the check box under "club admin" and the clicking the "set" button. At least one member from each club should be designated as the club representative. With this access, they can register the club for meets, manage the club membership and add meets to the online database. If you are having issues, please send an email to info@naigc.org.

Do you offer insurance for member clubs?

The NAIGC does not currently offer insurance for member clubs. We spent a few years looking into member insurance and unfortunately did not find a cost-effective insurance agreement to cover all NAIGC members. We may look into this again in the future.

How do I know if my school has a NAIGC club?

There is a listing of current clubs on the NAIGC website.

My school has a gymnastics club. How can we join the NAIGC?

Email us at info@naigc.org with your contact information and we will add you to our list of current clubs!

What if my school doesn't have a gymnastics club?

If you are interested in starting a new club at your school, please review the new club start up kit for comprehensive information..

My school had a division x team, but it just got cut. The people who were on the team still want to practice and compete. Any suggestions?

There are many teams in the NAIGC that formed because the varsity team they were a part of was cut. If this happened at your school, you can bring the entire team into the NAIGC.

My school has a Division X gymnastics team. Can we still have a gymnastics club and participate in the NAIGC?

Some schools have an NCAA team, but it doesn't fulfill the needs of everyone at the school who wishes to do gymnastics. There are schools that have both varsity and club teams. Just because your school already has a varsity team does not necessarily mean it cannot form a club team as well. Talk to your recreational/club sports department to see if your school allows both varsity and club teams, and review our New Club Start Up kit (link to kit) for assistance in starting a new club at your school.

We want to join, but there are no other NAIGC clubs nearby to compete against.

You do not have to limit yourself to competing against NAIGC clubs. You could try entering meets with the NCAA, CGA, USAG (both J.O. and Xcel, YMCA Gymnastics, USAIGC, AAU, State Games of America, or even NFHS high school teams. If none of these options are available, then you can also do intrasquad competitions where your club competes against itself. We are more concerned that your club is getting a feel for what it is like to compete, rather than who you are actually competing against. Plus, the NAIGC is always growing! Your club could be the encouragement needed for a nearby school to start their own club. Check out our club map and use the "Find nearby clubs tool" (available soon) to search for clubs near you.

D: Financial and Payment Questions

How do I pay for individual membership fees or team membership fees?

Individuals may pay for membership fees online from the NAIGC Membership page. Club representatives may pay for multiple individual memberships, coach memberships and / or club membership fees on the NAIGC Membership page by clicking on the "Manage Membership" button. If you prefer to pay with a check, please complete this form.

How do I pay meet fees?

For non-NAIGC hosted events, you will need to contact the host to determine their method of payment and pay them directly. The price you see on the website in the meet registration form for non-NAIGC hosted events is for information purposes only. Due to the various and many different regulations that meet hosts go through, it becomes a complicated issue for the NAIGC to delegate these payments. (See description of an NAIGC-hosted event versus an NAIGC-sanctioned event below).

For Nationals, you may pay online from the meet registration page. If you prefer to pay with a check, please complete the Nationals check submission form.

I made a payment online, but it is not showing up on my account.

Please allow 3-5 days to process payments before expecting updates to appear online in our registration system.

What is the NAIGC refund policy?

Our refund policy can be found here.

I would like to support the NAIGC and make a donation.

Great! Please send an email to info@naigc.org

Do you store credit card information / how secure is my online payment?

The NAIGC does not store your credit card information. Your payment information is encrypted by your computer and stays encrypted until it reaches our payment provider (braintree).

How do I pay by check?

Please fill out the NAIGC check submission form.

My school requires an invoice. How do I get one?

Please email info@naigc.org with an itemized list of the fees you need paid and we will reply to you with an invoice.

E: Meet Hosting FAQ

What is the difference between an NAIGC-hosted event and an NAIGC-sanctioned event?

NAIGC hosted events, such as Nationals or Flip Fest are run by the NAIGC. NAIGC sanctioned events are hosted by member schools or other entities and have the approval of the NAIGC because they meet certain safety and other quality requirements. These events are promoted by the NAIGC, and assistance from the Board of Directors is directly provided. Only NAIGC hosted meets can be paid for through our website.

How do I sanction a meet?

Email events@naigc.org and the sanctioning documents will be sent to you. Sanction request forms must be received at least 30 days prior to the event.

How do I use the NAIGC system to create a meet?

We have an instruction guide on using the NAIGC's scoring system here.

How do I invite teams to attend my meet?

Discussion List
The discussion list is a Google Group available for NAIGC members to contact one another. It can be used to announce a competition, send a relevant job posting, make nominations for NAIGC positions, or other general discussions. To subscribe to the discussion list, sign up on the embedded feed below. To send a message to the discussion list, you can either post on the forum below directly, or email naigc-discussion@naigc.org. Both of these actions will send an email to all those subscribed to the discussion list. Only members signed up for the discussion list will be able to send messages. To change your email notification settings, you can click on the Membership and email settings button below or on the google groups website. For information about acceptable content for posting, please see the Google Groups content policy.

F: Nationals FAQ

How does the mercy rule work?

If nobody from your club qualified for finals on men's events (in any division or level) then one person from your club may do an exhibition routine on one of the men's events. If nobody from your club qualified for finals on women's events (in any division or level) then one person from your club may do an exhibition routine on one of the women's events.

How do I register for the Decathlon?

Please register normally for the competition (men's or women's) that you want to be eligible for individual and all around awards. Then please email us at nationals@naigc.org with your naigc username, your name, and the competition (men's or women's) you are registered for.

What is the annual meeting?

The NAIGC Board of Directors gives a presentation to members about updates to the organization, its finances, and announcements about upcoming changes. A general Q&A and open feedback discussion is scheduled, and the NAIGC Board of Directors is elected every year at the annual meeting.

How do I qualify for Nationals?

You must be affiliated with a participating club (which could include the NAIGC Alumni Club) and we recommend that gymnasts compete in at least two meets prior to attending Nationals to practice competition routines and ensure that gymnasts are confidently prepared. Some clubs use intrasquad meets to meet this expectation - we don't want this to be a barrier, but we want to encourage clubs to consider individual safety and preparedness. Individual clubs may use the two meet expectation or any other requirements at their discretion.

Is there a limit to the number of people that can compete on a team?

Each team can only have 8 competitors maximum per event. A club may choose to have multiple teams (i.e., A and B teams).

Do you charge admission fees at Nationals (or other meets)?

At Nationals, to help pay for the cost of spectator expenses such as seating the spectator fee is $10 for the entire weekend. Other meets are not hosted directly by the NAIGC and their entry fees will vary. Please contact the meet host to get a price.

Do individual athletes need to logon to their account to sign the waiver for Nationals?

Yes, individual athletes must logon to their account in order to sign the electronic liability waiver and consent form for Nationals. Club representatives may not complete this task on behalf of individual members.

Our club paid the team fee for Nationals. Do we also need to pay individual fees?

Yes, all competitors must be members of the NAIGC and have paid their compeition registration fee. Paying the additional team fee enables multiple teams from a single club to enter into the team competition.

How do I submit my Nationals session request?

If you are a member of the open alumni team and have a specific session request for Nationals, please email us at nationals@naigc.org with your request. If you are a club administrator, you can use the menu at the top of the team panel on the meet registration page. We will do our best to accommodate your request but cannot make any guarantees. Session requests must be made before the nationals registration deadline, after which you will not be able to edit your registration.

Why do we pay a separate fee for the banquet? / What is included in the cost?

The banquet ticket fees help offset the cost for the additional space, banquet food and DJ entertainment for the night following Finals competition. Typically, the fees collected have not covered all the banquet expenses. The NAIGC helps to subsidize the banquet for the attendees to bring down the cost. The fee is separate to allow for non-competitors, such as family and friends, to be present for the meal and awards ceremony.