To use NAIGC tools for scoring at your upcoming meet, you can access them directly online as it is integrated into the website. Find below a quick list of steps to help you get started. At any step do not hesitate to contact us for help.

  1. Step 1: Make sure you have Club Admin permission for your club.
      You can easily check by logging in at the meet creation page as it will tell you if you have permissions. If you do not have the correct permissions, then you can contact the naigc at and we will set you up. Alternatively, your former teammates/team admins can give you the permission.
  2. Step 2: Create a meet
    1. Click the Button on top called "Create new event". Note that if your meet has already been previously created it should show up and in that case you can update dates and info using the "update" button.
    2. Enter the meet information such as name, dates, etc ... for registration dates, if you have only one fee (no early discount or late fee) use the same date for "Registration Fee Early Date", "Registration Fee Late Date" and "Registration Final Date" as the last date you want to accept registration.
    3. Enter fees if any. It is ok to enter zero if there are no team fees or no competitor fees. If there are fees but no early discount or late penalties use the same amount for all three fields.
    4. Enter if your meet is giving out t-shirts by checking the box. The banquet field is used for nationals.
    5. Click the "Create Meet" button
  3. Step 3: Announce your meet
      Send an announcement on the NAIGC listserv saying that people need to register online for your meet. Most NAIGC people are already registered as it is required to participate to nationals so it is not a big deal. Most teams already know how to register.
  4. Step 4: Manage your registration
    1. Login to the Meet Registration page. Since your meet already exists select the "Registration" button.
    2. You can see how many people have registered and if payments are required how much is due. Some red color will inform you of outstanding issues. Note that you need to use the "Back to menu" button to go back and NOT the back button on your browser.
    3. Process payments as follows:
      1. If a club sends you a check, click on the "details" button (from the main summary page you just accessed to check what club have registered). Note that you have to use the back buttons to go back and not use the back feature on your browser.
      2. In the table at the bottom of this page, you can enter the total amount you have received so far for various items.
      3. From here you can manually fix registration problems, if they arise. From this page click the "modify registration" button. From this page you can add/remove competitors, add remove teams etc ... it is similar to the page you use when registering your own club to nationals for instance.
    4. Register a club from scratch if they don't know how to do it or are slacking up from the meet registration summary page
      1. Select a club you want to register and click register
      2. Add all individuals that will compete from this club. If their name does not show up, contact the club admin and request they create an account (will be needed for nationals anyways)
      3. Create teams (at least one team is needed)
      4. Add competitors to the teams
  5. Step 5: Create Sessions
    1. Be sure not to do this until after the date you selected for last date to register when you created the meet. Goto the create meet page and select the "Session" button.
    2. Now you have to decide whether your meet will have qualification and finals or just a bunch of sessions. Most likely you will not have finals so create a meet part by selecting "general" and then clicking "add new part"
    3. create sessions for your meet. Note that at least one session per gender needs to be created. (the simplest co-ed meet will have one women session and one men session). You can enter the time of the session
  6. Step 6: Add teams and competitors to sessions
    1. Be sure to do this when you don't expect many changes in registration (few days before the meet)
    2. Navigate to the session panel using using the interface "session" button
    3. For each existing session, enter teams (as shown on the right hand side) (select the team name and click the "Add team")
    4. If you have last minute changes, you will see some straggler gymnasts on the available gymnast lists, enter them in their correct session using the "Add gymnast"button.
  7. Step 7: Run your meet
    1. For this it is easier if each judge has a laptop or tablet with WIFI connection. (If not you will have to save them separately and upload them later). You will use For now, please email with the usernames of all the accounts you would like to have judging access before your meet.
    2. Judges once logged on will select the session and event they are judging. Because you will not use competition numbers they will have to display the whole session and then can enter the score for the corresponding competitor's name
    3. Judges can also change a score if there was an entry error or someone contested and it got changed.
  8. Step 8: Displaying scores during the meet
    1. You can display the scores live at the meet if you have a projector attached to a laptop with WIFI. You will use
    2. To access the above page you just need to login with an account that has club admin access for your club. The account you used for the other steps will work just fine.
  9. Step 9: Print the scores and/or announce awards
    1. The scores are automatically entered and will be present and organized in the for everyone to see real time and be kept for years to come. You can also print them using in a pretty way.