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Nationals 2012 Results: Finals
Finals Men
(April 21, 11:00am-4:00pm)
Floor  Pommel Horse  Rings  Vault  Parallel Bars  Horizontal Bar   All Around   Team   Team Details
Finals Women
(April 21, 11:00am-4:00pm)
Vault  Uneven Bars  Balance Beam  Floor   All Around   Team   Team Details

Nationals 2012 Results: Preliminaries
Session 1 Women
(April 19, 11:30am-4:30pm)
Vault  Uneven Bars  Balance Beam  Floor   All Around   Team   Team Detail
Session 2 Women
(April 19, 5:00pm-10:00pm)
Vault  Uneven Bars  Balance Beam  Floor   All Around   Team   Team Detail
Session 2 Men
(April 19, 5:00pm-11:00pm)
Floor  Pommel Horse  Rings  Vault  Parallel Bars  Horizontal Bar   All Around   Team   Team Detail
Session 3 Women
(April 20 8:00am-1:00pm)
Vault  Uneven Bars  Balance Beam  Floor   All Around   Team   Team Detail
Session 4 Women
(April 20, 1:15am-6:15pm)
Vault  Uneven Bars  Balance Beam  Floor   All Around   Team   Team Detail
Session 5 Men
(April 20, 6:00pm-11:30pm)
Floor  Pommel Horse  Rings  Vault  Parallel Bars  Horizontal Bar   All Around   Team   Team Detail
Session 5 Women
(April 20, 6:30am-11:30pm)
Vault  Uneven Bars  Balance Beam  Floor   All Around   Team   Team Detail
To qualify for event or all-around finals, you must be highlighted in yellow above, or in green below.
Women Sessions Combined
Vault  Uneven Bars  Balance Beam  Floor   All Around   Team
Men Sessions Combined
Floor  Pommel Horse  Rings  Vault  Parallel Bars  Horizontal Bar   All Around   Team

Nationals 2012 Information

Nationals 2012 will be hosted by the NAIGC with support from TheGymNC in Salt Lake City, Utah, Thursday, April 19th through Saturday April 21st. The event will be held at the The Salt Palace Convention Center. The host hotel is the Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown.

Event Schedule: (any future changes will be noted in green)

Wednesday, April 18

Equipment Setup

Open Workout
and Team Packet Pickup


Thursday, April 19

Open Workout
and Team Packet Pickup

Session 1 (Women)
11:30am Open Stretch
12:00pm Timed Warm-up
12:20pm Competition
4:30pm Finish

Session 2 (Women)
5:00pm Open Stretch
5:30pm Timed Warm-up
5:50pm Competition
10:00pm Finish

Session 2 (Men)
5:00pm Open Stretch
5:45pm Competition
11:00pm Finish


Friday, April 20

Session 3 (Women)
8:00am Open Stretch
8:30am Timed Warm-up
8:50am Competition
1:00pm Finish

Session 4 (Women)
1:15pm Open Stretch
1:45pm Timed Warm-up
2:05pm Competition
6:15pm Finish

Session 5 (Women)
6:30pm Open Stretch
7:00pm Timed Warm-up
7:20pm Competition
11:30pm Finish

Session 5 (Men)
6:00pm Open Stretch
6:45pm Competition
11:30pm Finish


Saturday, April 21

NAIGC Annual Meeting

Finals Session
11:00am Open Stretch
11:30am Timed Warm-up
11:50am March-in **
4:00pm Finish

Equipment Teardown
4:00-6:00pm (approximately)
All teams are expected to help
with the equipment teardown.
(Exceptions are made for teams
who helped do equipment setup).

Awards Banquet
Approximately 7pm

* All clubs should send one or more representatives to the NAIGC Annual Meeting. Typical agenda items include: director elections, nationals feedback, rule changes, future Nationals announcements.
** The march in prior to finals is for all teams and individuals participating in Nationals, not just the finals qualifiers.

NAIGC Annual Meeting Agenda:
Saturday, April 21, 2012, 9AM-11AM, Salt Palace Convention Center

  1. Opening Remarks
  2. Nomination and Election of Directors
  3. Nationals 2013 preview
  4. Open Discussion

Current Session Assignments:

Current session assignments are displayed in the following table.
The table can be sorted in various ways by clicking on the ^ symbol next to a column header.
You can also use the filters to view only a specific session or only a specific gender.

Hotel Information:

Host Hotel:
Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown
215 West South Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Telephone: (801) 531-7500 Fax: (801) 328-1289

The rates for the NAIGC group are as follows:
Single Occupancy: $84 per night,
Double Occupancy: $90 per night,
Triple Occupancy: $96 per night,
Quad Occupancy: $103 per night
To book rooms, call 1 (800) 967-9033 and identify yourself as members of NAIGC.

For those who were unable to get rooms at the host hotel, an overflow has been contracted with
Embassy Suites Hotel
110 West 600 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Rooms are available from 4/18/12 - 4/22/12.
Rate for the NAIGC group is $119 +tax
Rate includes:
1) king suite with a sleeper sofa
2) full cooked-to-order breakfast each day in the atrium area
3) high-speed wireless internet access throughout the hotel
4) shuttle service to and from Salt Lake City International airport
Airport to Hotel: call the hotel at 801-359-7800 to arrange pick-up
Hotel to Airport: Please schedule time with hotel front desk staff Monday - Friday: 5:00 AM - 1:00 AM Saturday & Sunday: 6:00 AM - 1:00 AM

To book rooms, call 801-359-7800 and identify yourself as members of NAIGC.
This hotel is further from the convention center than the Radisson, but was the only one with a significant number of rooms available. They are a block from the TRAX system which is free within this part of the city.

Public Transportation Information:

There is light rail transportation around town and in the downtown area it is free. Longer distances run less than $2.50.

We recommend using Express Shuttle for transportation between the airport and the hotel. The cost is $7 each way. There is no need to reserve in advance for travel from the airport to the hotel. To go from the hotel to the airport, you need to reserve a space 24 hours in advance by calling 1-800-397-0773.

Car Rental Information:

We have arranged a deal with Thrifty Car Rental for an 8% discount off their usual rates. To get the discount, use promo code SLC8 on their website or when you call 1-800-THRIFTY.

Parking Information:

If you do need to have a car, we have a special parking rate of $6/day and the hotel is next to the convention center.

Other Information:

More information will be added to this site as it becomes available. In the meantime, please feel free to contact Kristy Fries with any questions at Thanks, and have a great season!

Tentative Competition Fees and Requirements:

1. NAIGC Club Membership fee: $50 per club. (NAIGC Membership Online)

Club Membership is required to compete in NAIGC sponsored meets (Nationals for 2011-2012 season) and to participate in other NAIGC activities (ie, clinics/camps). The club membership fee can be paid online by any authorized club representative. All NAIGC member clubs this year will receive a free NAIGC Banner bearing your club's name. The proceeds go to help fund and support the organization.

2. NAIGC Individual Membership fees: $35 per person. (NAIGC Membership Online)

Individual Membership is required from each individual to compete in NAIGC sponsored meets (Nationals for 2011-2012 season) and to participate in other NAIGC activities (ie, clinics/camps). Individual Membership is open to athletes, coaches and anyone wishing to support the NAIGC organization. We also offer a coach membership for $15 per person that allows for more limited participation including floor access for coaches at NAIGC competitions. All of these proceeds go to help fund and support the organization.
The membership fees are separate from Nationals meet fees.

If you have competed in a past Nationals, you likely already have an account. If you need help with username and/or password, email us. Members from previous years do not need to make changes online, but still need to pay annual fees.

All new members should register online, setting up a username and password of their choice.

All individual members will receive a free pair of NAIGC shorts as part of their membership with the organization.

3. Competition fees: $75 per individual and $100 per team, due March 1, 2012.

Nationals 2012 fees include individual registration fees, and team fees if competing as a team. These fees are in addition to the NAIGC membership fees (described above). Each club must pay an individual fee for each individual competitor, as well as a team fee for each team that is entered into the team competition.

The individual competitor fee includes a t-shirt automatically. Entering a group from your club into the team competition is not required, but it is necessary to be eligible for team finals. Each team can have at most 8 people compete on each event, but a club can enter multiple teams. (If confused about team fees, click here for examples.)

Pay before February 15, 2012 (discount): Individual registration fees will be $65 / competitor and team fees $100 / team.
Pay between February 15 and March 1, 2012: Individual registration fees will be $75 / competitor and team fees $100 / team.
Pay after March 1, 2012 (late fee): Late fees apply. The individual fee rises to $100 / competitor and team fee rises to $125 / team.

** If you do not pay by April 1, you are not guaranteed entry into the competition.

4. Banquet tickets: $25 per person, Due March 1, 2012.

Tickets can be purchased for athletes, coaches, parents, friends, etc. The award ceremony will be held at the banquet.

5. Signed Waivers: Due April 1.

NAIGC accepts electronic signatures. The Nationals 2012 waiver is available here.
You must have a NAIGC username and password to access the waiver. Each individual must sign the electronic waiver themselves.
Please check whether you have an existing username before creating a new one. If you need help with username and / or password, email us. New users can create usernames by clicking here or by clicking "My NAIGC" and then "NAIGC Membership" in the left navigation panel.
You do not need to mail any paper copies of the waiver. Electronically-signed waivers will be recorded electronicaly along with your meet registration.

An electronically-signed Nationals 2012 Waiver will be required from each individual competitor, coach, and volunteer.

Registration Information:

Registration FAQ

Online Registration: (Nationals 2012 Online Registration)

All clubs must have one authorized person complete their registration for Nationals 2012 online.

To be eligible for online registration, you must first register for membership with the NAIGC online, and then request to be an authorized representative for your club. Furthermore, to complete your registration online, each of your club's individual competitors must be registered for membership with the NAIGC. [NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE PAID MEMBERSHIP FEES TO REGISTER FOR MEETS ONLINE. YOU ONLY NEED TO BE SIGNED UP AS A MEMBER. PLEASE DO NOT DELAY YOUR MEET REGISTRATIONS ON ACCOUNT OF MEMBERSHIP FEES.]

AFTER REGISTERING YOURSELF FOR MEMBERSHIP WITH THE NAIGC ONLINE, you may Request Authorization to register for Nationals 2012 by sending an email to Karen Heilman at, providing your name, the club to which you would like authorized access, and your status/position within the club. Once you are authorized to register online, you can access Nationals 2012 Online Registration by clicking the preceeding link, or you can select "Meet Registration" under the "My NAIGC" link to the left.

In order to complete your registration online, you must create at least one team, assign all your club's competitors to teams, and then specify which events each person will be competing. You will only be able to register individuals for Nationals 2012 if those individuals are already registered for NAIGC Membership Online. If necessary, authorized club representatives can register their teammates for membership, one at a time, by creating for each teammate a unique username and password, and logging out between creating each member. However, in order to fully complete your registration online, each individual must log in themselves to electronically sign the Nationals 2012 Waiver.

Your club's entire registration can be completed entirely online, without the need to mail anything.

If you cannot make a payment online (for example because your school does not allow this), you can mail a check.

Payment Information:

You can pay your nationals fees online, or you can mail a check payable to "NAIGC". Send all checks along with this Check Submission Form to the address included on the form.

Tentative Competition Format:

Note: The number and composition of sessions are subject to revision depending on registration.